Change battery для dji dji

18.01.2016 1 Comments

Change battery для dji dji комбо комплект dji mavic pro

I hope it doesnt take forever! The LiPo itself is a common 2S jobbie No name battery replacement.

Can anyone give me instructions on how to replace the P4 RC battery? Thanks Twitter Battrey Favorite Like. DJI has to lighten up! David keeps our readers up to date with drone news within the ever-changing industry. No, create an account now.

After reading all the horror stories about dji's turn around time to repair equipment, ie, getting wrong drone back, taking months to get equip back and in this forum and others it goes on and on. My P4 rc will no longer take a charge. I am still well within warrenty to have it replaced or repaired but I don't have. At some point in time all batteries die,when that does happen to the remote controller are there replacement batteries available,if so what would be the pro. Hi guys,Do anyone here knows where I could purchase a replacement battery for P3A remote? Mine wouldn't hold a charge anymore and it seems to be swollen when.

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